Queen of Slovenian Wine 2020

Queen of Slovenian Wine 2020

Queen of Slovenian Wine 2020

Queen of Slovenian Wine 2020

With St Martin’s Day coming this November, one of the most important and exciting wine festivals in Slovenia, MarAlpina tours would like to invite you to visit Slovenia with us and experience Slovenia’s exquisite and unique regional wines and the essence of their folk culture and heritage. We also present to you the Queen of Wine herself, Ana Pavlin, a representative for Slovenia heritage wine and culture chosen by the wineries, or zidanicas, around Slovenia this year. Here are her Top Ten Reasons to Visit Slovenia.






  1. Slovenia is the only country in the world with word LOVE in its name


  1. Slovenia is going to be »European Region of Gastronomy 2021«


  1. The Slovenian anthem is the only one in the world, which praises the wine and friendship among all Nations


  1. Slovenia is the only country in the world which celebrates their Culture as a holiday


  1. Slovenians celebrate St. Martin’s day just like a Thanks-giving day in the USA


  1. The oldest vine in the world is located in Slovenia in the city called Maribor


  1. Slovenia has the biggest number of wine cellars and small boutique wine producers per capita in the world


  1. You can spend your nights in authentic vineyard cottages with traditional wine cellars in the basement


  1. In Slovenia you have an opportunity to taste Cviček – one of the healthiest wine in the world and the only wine in the Europe with an alcohol content up to 10%


  1. The 1st lady Melania of the USA was born in Slovenia


And last but not least: if you will visit Slovenia, the Slovenian Wine Queen will welcome you.



– Ana Pavlin

Slovenia Vineyard Retreats, our friend and partner in tour development.

Join us on updated and personalized tours of Slovenia’s Wine Heritage today! and be introduced to this year’s Queen of Wine and be an essential part of Slovenia’s wine culture in the St. Martin’s Day cultural festival this November.

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