Different Discoveries of Slovenia

Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit Slovenia

With St Martin’s Day coming this November, one of the most important and exciting wine festivals in Slovenia, MarAlpina tours would like to invite you to visit Slovenia with us and experience Slovenia's exquisite and unique regional wines and the essence of their folk...

First Lady Tour in Slovenia

Maralpina presents: Slovenia… the unique tour We would love to invite our Republican friends and others on the most specific and unique tour of a particular region of Slovenia. Our First Lady Melania Trump is originally from the southeast town in Slovenia called...

Slovenia: The last authentic vineyard of Europe

 By FBFvS The massive commercialization of the traditional wine-producing regions of Europe: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany has reduced the most desirable individuality of small wine producers within these countries to total extinction. Only very few...

Summer Tours 2019

With the new year comes new beginnings and our tours will start this year with a unique offering of the delights and heritage-inspired experiences that tell the story of Slovenia in order to share its beauty with everyone. With our wine and cultural tour options, we...

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