Maralpina presents:

Slovenia… the unique tour

We would love to invite our Republican friends and others on the most specific and unique tour of a particular region of Slovenia.

Our First Lady Melania Trump is originally from the southeast town in Slovenia called Sevnica.   This idealic and historic region on the great river Sava, dated from the Roman times and is still preserving today its pristine and unspoiled nature and its traditional way of life.

For the first time now, Maralpina introduces the specifically designed tour of this region, celebrating the country, folklore, tradition and nature of the best preserved and authentic corner of Europe.

Visit with us this enchanted region and fall in love with its nature, food and wine and mostly the hospitality and spirit of the natives, to better understand and appreciate where our First Lady was once at home.

This is not a political tour but a voyage of peaceful relaxation and love for something so special… you will never forget and will surely return to it in the future.  It just might become your favorite vacation destination, a fact happening to us and many other travelers before you.

The famous castle high above the town, the vineyards sloping gentle down to the river and the slow majestic flow of Sava, the high crested mountains in the distance and the pristine picture book nature, invites the traveler to a dreamlike relaxation and pause.

Declared the culinary destination #1 of Europe for 2020, Slovenia has by far the best food and wine one can taste… and the best salami and sausages of the country are to be found and enjoyed here in Sevnica.

The castle is well stocked with a large collection of wines and a local club for the First Lady is offering an entire palette of “First Lady” products such as delicious chocolates, local preserves and many other articles but most important a specifically designed cake in honor of our First Lady, celebrating our President’s election.

The wines of the region are the delight of all… endless varieties of heritage wines produced in small, family owned vineyards and are only available locally and if you are here visiting the region.

Maralpina is the proud member of the Vineyard Cottage Association of Slovenia and as such, we can introduce you to the unique wines, you will never forget or find anywhere else.

Only small groups are taken on this tour and the emphasis is on a 5 star experience.  This is a particular niche of Slovenian tourism far from commercialization and mass tourism.  Our tour guides are our local friends and partners, experts in heritage tourism and their knowledge of their native region is reflected by the impeccable care to detail and their dedication and professionalism are lifting the entire tour experience worlds above any commercial mass tourism…  On this tour you become part of their family and they are treating you as such.

We love the region and we would like to share our feelings and experience with you.  Our Sevnica tour is dedicated to our First Lady in appreciation for her relentless efforts of shaping our country’s future.  We will better understand her enthusiasm if we travel her native region and learn about her roots, traditions and people, the natives of the area, their humanity and values, their respect for history and the past and their desire to preserve it all for the future.

Dr F. Braich
Director, Maralpina LLC
May 2019



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